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Watch our story from 2019 to 2020

We are sharing our journey from 2019 to 2020 during full scale technology demonstrator prototyping. New stories are written everyday at AirCar with dedication and passion. We will share them as we film them. For now, enjoy with our first movie.

Our Journey

Today, we are a team of passionate engineers, experts, and leaders, all focused on bringing our vision to life. We’re developing the-state-of-the-art aircraft with a world-class ecosystem to enable next phase of urban mobility.

But it hasn’t always been like that:

The foundation

AirCar was founded on September 2017, and registered as AirCar Corp. in the U.S. The founder and a small team of engineers started working on the concept, exploring the frontier technologies like lithium-ion batteries, artificial intelligence, electric motors, aerodynamics and regulatory requirements to enable sustainable air mobility.


Sub-Scale Prototyping

We finalised 11:10 and 1:3 size subscale models and start testing and did analysis of different configurations. Learning from subscale prototypes, we could be able to start designing the first full scale model.


Software Developments

We opened an office in Istanbul and announced our partnership with Softtech to start exploring autonomous flight technologies based on machine vision. Digitized the full model of AirCar to use scalability of computers to create simulation models for AirCar and the operational envelops. We start working on advanced machine vision systems to enable the highest level of autonomy.  

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 18.51.20.png

The Full Size Prototype Introduced

Our team grew to 15 people. We finalised our first full-scale model and showcased AirCar to the world at Dubai, Gitex 2020 event. We applied 11 patents in the U.S. and obtained trademark registration for "Aircar" from The United States Patent office. We also finalised POC level autonomous software and started testing them on subscale models.

IMG_4703 (1).HEIC

The Maiden Flight with Full-Scale

AirCar made fullscale prototype flight over 45 times. We participated at European Innovation and Technology Agency Urban Mobility program. We also established strong partnerships to accelerate our progress in manufacturing, certification and technological developments.

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 19.56.43.png

Development of The Full Power Prototype

After making countless of full size prototype flights, in 2022 we have focused on developing the full power prototype with the final product capability motor size, battery technology, flight controllers, avionics and bms.

First Passengered ​Flight

We are targeting to have our first passenger flight within 2023.

Be a part of the future of AirCar

If you want to write the history of sustainable urban air mobility with AirCar as a teammate, a partner, or an investor for the age of air taxis, you can contact with us. We are scaling up with visionary partners and talented teammates. We can create a better future, together.

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