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AirCar has partnered with Softtech, a leading software company with 1000+ employees.

AiCar and Softtech partner to enable urban air mobility. Softtech take a seat as initial investor of AirCar and software solution provider.

About Softtech:

With more than 1600 employees, the largest software company in Turkey, with over 10 offices around the world.

Softtech offices

About Collaboration:

The development studies of the flying car AirCar, of which we are technology investors, continues. The prototype and test flight was completed in February 2021. We are developing the fully autonomous flight and artificial intelligence (AI) systems of the flying car through our human resources and investment support. Designed as an electric and 100% autonomous car, AirCar is planned to have a range of 80 km with a single passenger capacity and 50 km with a seating capacity for two passengers.

Technological advances are bringing the world closer to a future where flying cars are in the sky. As Softtech, we support these breathtaking days ahead with our technology partner, AirCar.

AirCar’s prototype, with which we were in collaboration with software developments, was accomplished in 2019. From its architectural design to R&D studies, we are involved in all processes through which we develop the flying car’s whole autonomous system, from systems to hardware integration. Moreover, we provide support for AirCar’s business model and market entry, investment planning, and negotiations with investors.

Its goal is to give back the wasted time in urban transportation to users

People lose an average of 97 hours a year in traffic around the world. AirCar’s aim is to give back the time spent in urban transportation and to reduce carbon emissions. Having been developed to live in green cities, AirCar also shines out to make fast air transportation a service that urban residents can reach.

“We have invested in the world’s future”

Highlighting that more than 300 startups in the world are working on electric flying cars, and 30% of them aim to provide air taxi service in the next five years, our General Manager M. Murat Ertem stated, “We are now very close to flying cars that are in dreams.” Underlining that the Softtech team works peer-to-peer in software, flight, autonomous driving, AI, vehicular communication systems, as well as flight planning processes, Ertem said, “The world is progressing towards a future where flying cars ride through the sky. We invested in the world’s future with AirCar. There is a unique experience opportunity for the AirCar team built as part of our cooperation that started two years ago.”

“Software for autonomous vehicles and unmanned fully autonomous flight software are AirCar’s most significant advantages”

Stating that the growing attraction in flying car investments in Turkey is promising for our country to gain a competitive opportunity in the world market, our General Manager M. Murat Ertem said, “Being the executive of pioneering technologies, supporting entrepreneurship and serving to our country are among our priorities. As Softtech, our cooperation with AirCar reflects our goal, which is to create time for life with the technologies we develop.” As Softtech partners in AirCar’s strategy of providing a competitive advantage with autonomous software and unmanned fully autonomous flight, Ertem said that the autonomous flight was completed between the targeted take-off and landing points. He also announced that prototyping all modules that enable the vehicle to protect itself from all dangers that may occur had been completed.

“We aim to make AirCar a pioneer in urban air transportation through advanced software and hardware technologies”

Noting that AirCar is an initiative established in 2017 to solve traffic congestion in cities through air transportation, AirCar Corp. Founder Eray Altunbozar said: “We plan to solve traffic congestion in cities with the electric and autonomous flying cars with two-seat capacity. Software forms one of the crucial parts of this system. While we were looking for a team to develop the AirCar software in 2019, our path crossed with Softtech. Started with only staff support in the first place, our cooperation has evolved to partnership today. Our objective is to develop AirCar with fully autonomous systems and make it a pioneer through advanced software and hardware technologies.”


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