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Autonomous all-electric human carrying flying car

When we look to tomorrow at AirCar Corp. we think of flying cars, excitedly. The time is ripe. AirCar will set the stage for tomorrow's urban transportation. An all-electric, autonomous, and intelligent flying car that defines our vision of tomorrow. With its technology, AirCar provides answers to questions about flying cars of the future.

With AirCar, say hello to the future!

Top speed > 120 km/h

Range > 72 km (42 Miles)

Passenger Capacity: 2

Lift Capacity > 500 kg

Power > 400 kW (> 530 hp)

Charging time 80% in < 15 min


Great design

Carbon fibre construction, eight compact electric motors, aerodynamic body design. Wide seat for two passengers, crammed in below 230 kilograms. It can fit into a two-car parking lot. With AirCar, we are exploring the limits. Geared to recognition, isn't it?


No limit  

AirCar can fly up to 72 km per charge. It can be charged by 80 % in 15 minutes, enough to fly from one side to another in most cities. But why should we limit ourselves?  

AirCar battery package can be changed in minutes! Cost per battery charge will be less than $ 3.5. 

Result: Almost limitless fly range and almost free!


Freedom calls

When opportunity knocks, do you let it in? The principles of AirCar design have been determined on lightness, openness, purism, clear architecture, high technology, and day-to-day usability.


First class

AirCar provides first class flight comfort. Total seat length is 1.3 meters, providing a 0.65-meter seating area for each passenger, wider than first class flight seats. The ballistic parachute lever is placed below the seat for easy access. 


Fully autonomous

Wouldn't it be nice to sit and watch the city view while AirCar cruises to your destination? Talk with AirCar to open music, adjust temperature, or listen weather forecast? It would be nice, and it is possible. AirCar artificial intelligence flight assistant - Nova can make interactive conversations with passengers and execute requests. AirCar flies itself, communicates with other airborne vehicles, watches surroundings, and takes smart  actions to achieve a safe flight.

AirCar is autonomous. We mean it!


Time to fly


Tomorrow does not yet exist, but our vision does. So, we get to work a while ago.  Because “tomorrow” will be what we make it today. And if we can create the future in our heads, it will meet us halfway. We envision AirCar will change air transportation. Are you ready to fly now? 

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